Short Stories

I have lots of short stories, some of them going back over 20 years. Those are probably the worst ones and probably won’t be shared here. Or maybe they should, for posterity’s sake. I’m not exactly sure what I will and will not put on this page. Most of them have never been published, and some that WERE published are more adult-oriented than I want to on this blog, which is PG and PG-13 mostly.

The first one is the Something Wild This Way Comes, very, very old, and a story I do enjoy reading again. It was one of my fairly early forays into the storypoem format. You can read it for free on Vocal. Subscribe and Share!

Something Wild This Way ComesA whimsical tale about a kid in a jungle. I like this one.

The Boy Who Cried SnizzerwitA creepy tale about a boy who cried wolf!!! But the Snizzerwit came instead.

Swamp Water StewPG 13! This one has a bit of horror in it, but it’s fun.

Prophecy of the DragonThis is one of those old, old ones I mentioned. From 2001, so it is 21 years old. And not very good, but not without its charm.

The Great & Cacklin’ GlakinSet in the same world as Wisp the Wayfinder and Swamp Water Stew.

The Manic Nine Lives of Mr. JivesOne of my favorites! A bored housecat faces his (many) dooms.

The Wyrmtongue Chronicles – A fantasy entry for the Vocal Challenge 2022. I didn’t win, but it’s still good.

The Glowmo Knows – This is a weird tale; a children’s story with a dark ending.

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