The Sea of Fallen Stars (4e D&D)

fallenstarThis was the last, and probably the best, of the 4th edition campaigns I ran. It was wholly original and was a blast to run, but…and this is a big BUT…by the time we reached, oh, maybe 10th level, maybe 11th, I was starting to get sick of 4th edition and the character and monster powers. Redundancy had set in. Still, this was a super fun scenario and we all enjoyed it, even though it petered out by the end, and the last 3 sessions or so were forced.

Adventure #1: Scuttlecove’s Sorrow
Adventure #2: Dragon & Kraken
Adventure #3: The Flying Fortress of the Five Companies
Adventure #4: Lord Vlad Dralusha & the Forge of Fury
Adventure #5: Salamander Alley
Adventure #6: Brimstone & Angelheart
Adventure #7: Zarcon’s Betrayal
Adventure #8: Paldemar’s Doom
Adventure #9: Captain Kermit’s Revolt
Adventure #10: The Throne Room of Lord Vlad Dralusha
Adventure #11: Day of the Hand
Adventure #12: The Templars of Ioun
Adventure #13: The Mithril Mines of the Earthspurs
Adventure #14: General Zaruglug

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  1. Gail
    Jan 06, 2023 @ 07:15:02

    Great read thankyouu



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