Star Wars – Dawn of Defiance


This was a pretty enjoyable campaign arc using the free online module, Dawn of Defiance.  I ultimately had some real problems with the d20 version of the game rules-wise, but PRESENTATION-wise it was slick and gorgeous and very well done.  We never got to the end. 4th edition D&D came out and I wanted to kill kobolds instead of stormtroopers.

Court of the Hutt

Adventure #1: The Traitor’s Gambit
Adventure #2: Escape from Zel Nonn Station
Adventure #3:  Arrival at Felucia
Adventure #4: The Rescue
Adventure #5: A Parting Gift
Adventure #6:  Gangs, Goons and a Hutt
Adventure #7:  Darga’s Palace
Adventure #8:  Dungeons & Droids
Adventure #9:  A Knife in the Dark

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