Silverymoon and the North (4e D&D)

This was a really, really fun adventure.  I took a classic Dungeon magazine module, Tallow’s Deep, wheretallowdeepdungeoncover the PCs are just fighting a bunch of goblins in their lair, and I expanded it to a full mini-campaign arc.  It helped that one of the players had his very FIRST D&D experience with Tallow’s Deep 20 years earlier and was able to go back and explore it again.  And hopefully not die this time.


Adventure #1: Merple’s Mishap
Adventure #2: Merple’s Mission
Adventure #3: Tallow’s Deep
Adventure #4: River Trap
Adventure #5: Tunnel Traps
Adventure #6: Shar-shazaluk’s Lair
Adventure #7: No Escape
Adventure #8: Owlie’s Lair
Adventure #9: Skull Crusher
Adventure #10: Grishog’s Gambit
Adventure #11: Balgron’s Bargain


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