Pyramid of Shadows (4e D&D)

H3_Pyramid_of_Shadows_coverThis was the third in the series of official releases from Wizards of the Coast.  I segued from the end of Thunderspire Labyrinth directly into this one.  It was…ok.  A grindy, combat-filled dungeon in an extraplanar space filled with an odd assortment of monsters and traps.   Fun enough but I don’t think it was especially memorable.  The “most” memorable sections were the parts I changed or added, and the repercussions that carried through to the next campaign arc, The Sea of Fallen Stars.





Adventure #1: The Pyramid of Shadows
Adventure #2: Prophecy of the Verdant Temple
Side Trek (I): Paldemar’s Posse
Adventure #3: Battle of the Verdant Temple
Adventure #4: The Black Wind, the Charnel Lord & Xenoseth’s Doom
Adventure #5: A Strange New Ally
Adventure #6: Paldemar’s Path
Adventure #7: The Prismatic Prison of Karavakos
Adventure #8: Ozymandarion & the Deck of Many Things
Adventure #9: Escape from the Pyramid


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