Lost Mine of Phandelver (2019)

This 5e adventure was my second jaunt into the premier module for the 5th edition D&D game. I still think it is one of the most exquisitely written and downright FUN adventures in any edition of D&D, and rightfully deservers its place as a classic among the others. It has all the pillars that D&D players love: exploration, combat and social interaction. Vivid NPCs, surprises and terrors galore fill the pages.

Unfortunately, this was an in-person game, and when Covid-19 hit in March 2020 we had to stop and the campaign was never finished. We were even quite near the end. Regardless, we had a blast up to that point and I hope readers will enjoy the story too.

Session #1 – A Goblin Ambush & Goblin Cave

Session #2 – Death of a Gnome & the Rescue of Sildar

Session #3 – Return to the Goblin Hideout

Session #4 – Cragmaw Castle

Session #5 – A Fight to the Death in Cragmaw Castle

Session #6 – Retreat & Return to Cragmaw Castle

Side Trek #1 – Hobbers & Gobbers & Much, Much More

Session #7 – The Redbrands of Phandalin

Session #8 – Tresendar Manor

Session #9 – Guerrilla Tactics in Phandalin

Session #10 – Return to Tresendar

Session #11 – Neverwinter & The Tower of Storms

Session #12 – Big Trouble in the Tower of Storms

Session #13 – The Ruins of Thundertree

Session #14 – Venomfang

Session #15 – A Duel With a Dragon

Session #16 – The Squatters

Session #17 – The Eviction

Side Trek #2 – Gerald’s Game

Session #18 – Big Boars of the Woodland Manse

Session #19 – The Gulthias Tree

Session #20 – Circle of Thunder

Session #21 – Mondo, Gork & Wave Echo Cave

Session #22 – The Dire Dangers of Wave Echo Cave

Session #23 – The Cavern of Mystery

Session #24 – Watchtower of the Violet Eye

Side Trek #3 – The Last of House Nighteye

Session #25 – Fane of the Spiders

Session #26 – The Nasty Nanny of Neena Nighteye

Session #27 – Giants, Ghouls, & a Flaming Skull

Session #28 – Mr. Flameskull & Friends

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