Keep on the Shadowfell

H1LargeThis was the introductory module for 4th edition in 2008.  It gets a lot of flak for being a grindy combat based adventure, and it is, but all of 4e was based on that assumption.  I thought it was quite fun, but I did take time to flesh it out and expand far more on the roleplaying aspects, and to make the plot a little more interesting.


Session #1 – Winterhaven
Session #2 – Court of the Frog Queen
Session #3 – Ambush on the Old Road
Side Trek I – The Grave of Blacksoul
Session #4 – A Dismal Den of Dragon Droppings
Session #5 – Shadowfell Keep
Session #6 – Splug!
Session #7 – Lord of the Maw & Boss of the Fat
Side Trek II – The Streets of Silverymoon
Session #8 – Caves of Peril
Session #9 – Slime Central
Session #10 – The Hobber Barracks
Session #11 – Chief Krusk, Sir Keegan & Traps Galore
Side Trek III – The Fate of Blacksoul
Session #12 – The Ghoul Warren
Session #13 – The Claws of Orcus

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