Forge of Fury 5e

Now THIS was a brutal adventure. Originally written for 3rd edition D&D, it was updated for 5e. I added a few of my own twists and turns, but it’s a difficult death-grinder nonetheless, meant to punish cocky players or humiliate the unwary. Be warned! It’s fun as hell, but lethal.

This was also my first introduction to online gaming and Roll20 at the start of 2020, just before the pandemic officially hit in March (I’d been planning to go online anyway). It was a little rough going at first, but after a solid year+ of running games online, I think I almost prefer it over face to face. In some ways I DO prefer it, just missing human interaction the most, and those snazzy 3D minis second.

Forge Session #1 The Mountain Door of Khundrukar

Forge Session #2 – The Great Ulfe

Forge Session #3 – Trouble on the Chasm Bridge

Forge Session #4 – Deadlock at the Mountain Door

Forge Session #5 – Big Battle at the Mountain Door

Forge Session #6 – A Hornet’s Nest of Orcs

Forge Session #7 – An Empty Nest of Orcs

Forge Session #8 – Into the Glitterhame

Forge Session #9 – A Secret Mountain Exit

Forge Session #10 – Down to the Sinkhole

Forge Session #11 – Lair of the Roper

Forge Session #12 – The Grey Dwarves of the Foundry

Forge Session #13 – Death in the Foundry

Forge Session #14 – Resurrection & the Dark Whisperer

Forge Session #15 – The Table of Rage & Forge of Fury

Forge Session #16- The Black Lake

Forge Session #17 – Dragon Endgame

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