DUNGEON WORLD – Servants of the Cinder Queen

This is a fun fantasy roleplaying game utilizing the Apocalypse Engine. At first glance it will seem like D&D, and while it IS fantasy, the way the game plays out is more freeform and less structured than your typical D&D game. Well, in theory. I ran this pre-made module in Roll20 and started with two different groups with different characters, but the second group (G2) only made it a short ways into the campaign before the Internet swallowed them and they were devoured screaming by the Void.


But Group 1 (G1) of my old faithful players made it to the end. I’ll include both recaps below and label the groups appropriately.

(G1) Cinder Session #1 – Meervold & Hvitr’s Horn
(G2) Session #1 – Meervold & the Bridge of Despair

(G1) Cinder Session #2 – The Guardian
(G2) Session #2 – The Forsaken Monastery

(G1) Cinder Session #3 – The Ashen Ossuary
(G2) Session #3 – Into the Ashen Ossuary

(G1) Cinder Session #4 – A Warning from a Ghost
(G2) Session #4 – The Maze

(G1) Cinder Session #5 – The Prisoners of Thorde Skul

(G1) Cinder Session #6 – The Library

(G1) Cinder Session #7 – The Missing Tome

(G1) Cinder Session #8 – The Vault & the Caldera

(G1) Cinder Session #9 – ELLORASH

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