Private: “Hauser Wows Students at Davis-Townsend Middle School!”


IF that headline sounds particularly self-indulgent and egregiously egotistical – you’re right, it is.  But, it’s also accurate, and absolutely deliberate.  Last week I gave two more hour long local lectures for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at Davis Townsend Middle School in Lexington, NC.  The class size was bumped up 8x larger than the students at Westchester (200 this time), and I had to give two lectures back to back in the gymnasium, one for 2nd/3rd, and then 4th/5th.  As before, the presentation was primarily about Book 1 of the Tales from the NoWhere & NeverWhen – Wisp the Wayfinder – but the core idea of the lecture was to engage the students and talk about the Creative Process.

I had a lot of fans that day, they all seemed to really enjoy it. The younger students especially were WOWed by the scary pictures in the Powerpoint. Some even asked to see them again once the presentation was over!  We concluded with a lengthy Q&A and then lunch with 14 students who had been chosen to have lunch with the presenter – Me!


Oh, and HERE is the picture that elicited more gasps than any other, from my favorite childhood film, Clash of the Titans (1981)


Maybe you’re wondering, what the heck does Medusa have to do with Wisp the Wayfinder the faery?  Well, directly, nothing at all.  The presentation was primarily about Creative Inspiration and Imagination, and where it comes from.  For me, Greek mythology was a HUGE part of my early reading agenda, and this movie is one in particular that has always stood out.