Hunderspire Labyrinth (4e D&D)

Hunderspire Labyrinth (4e D&D)

thunderspire coverThis was the second official adventure from Wizards of the Coast for 4th edition.  We picked up with this one right after Silverymoon and the North, which was a departure from the premade scenarios.   I liked Thunderspire quite a bit actually and was really enjoying 4th edition at the time, while it was still relatively low level and not overly complex. I made use again of Side Treks where we had either a low level character telling a story, or we’d jump ahead to high level characters telling a story within the Labyrinth. It was a fun way to keep the story going if everyone couldn’t make a session.





Side Trek (I): Xenoseth’s Revenge
Adventure #1: Assault on Winterhaven
Adventure #2: The Plague-Touched Mage
Adventure #3: Kranker’s Crew, Tanar’i Tongue & the Devil’s Death
Adventure #4: The Spawn of Torog
Adventure #5: Harry Halfmoon & The Chamber of Eyes
Adventure #6: Orontar & the Ordinator Arcanis
Adventure #7: Murklemor’s Ultimatum & the Well of Demons
Adventure #8: Mask, Bell, Blade & Tome
Adventure #9: Crimson Whip & Howling Pillar
Side Trek (II): Xenoseth’s Return
Adventure #10: Ambush on the Deep Stair
Adventure #11: Return to the Well of Demons
Side Trek (III): Big Trouble in the Temple of Torog
Adventure #12: Maldrik Scarmaker & the Silver Key
Side Trek (IV): More Big Trouble in the Temple of Torog!
Adventure #13: The Tower of Mystery