ALIEN – Destroyer of Worlds

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We are finally nearing the conclusion of Destroyer. It’s taken a while – months actually – because we play later at night and every other week recently, and not for long. Still, even those short recaps add up significantly, and the overall word count for Destroyer will be 20,000+. So it’s definitely the length of a fat screenplay, which is appropriate considering that it is a “cinematic scenario” as described by Free League and not an open ended roleplaying session. You’ve got your three Acts, rising drama and the final denouement.

That’s one reason why I like compiling the sessions into story format with screenshots; anyone reading it will experience the story as one contiguous event, not broken up by weeks of downtime. It has been great, except that I admit I have a hard time keeping the rules in my head. It’s because we don’t play that often, and in the gaps in-between we tend to forget rule details. But we have some handy cheat sheets to use, and the character sheet for Roll20 someone imported looks great and does most of the math calculation for you.

The ruleset for Alien the roleplaying game is clean and simple and does the trick of making your PC feel vulnerable and scared, particularly as your Stress levels rise and your own mortality is shoved in your face by some metal-toothed horror.

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Free League actually has a full Colonial Marine campaign coming out soon, and while it looks interesting, I think after two shorter cinematic jaunts into the ALIENS universe I’m going to take a break from it. I do enjoy it, and would go back to it at some future point, but there are other games and systems to be enjoyed too.