The Wyrmtongue Chronicles (Fantasy Prologue Challenge)

My short story has been published on Vocal for their $10,000 challenge (there’s a $5000 second place prize too, so it’s not chump change). Even if it doesn’t win, I think it is a pretty solid story. Let me know what you think in the comments here, or in the comments on Vocal, if the site allows you to do so without being a member. Not sure how that works.

Every entry has to begin with the exact same line: “There weren’t always dragons in the Valley.” So you end up with hundreds and hundreds of different stories that go all kinds of directions. The second criteria is to write a story as an introduction to a novel that doesn’t exist yet. Which is harder to do (convincingly) than it sounds.

Vocal’s $10k Fantasy Prologue Challenge

Vocal Media is having a crazy big challenge: write the prologue of a fantasy novel with the following prompt:

There weren’t always dragons in the Valley.

That’s a big challenge. Not just financially, but to create a believable intro to a book that doesn’t exist. Anyway, I think I will give it a whirl. If nothing else, the resulting story should be interesting enough.

The Harold Artists Finally Get Their Copy!

William Calleja and Mario Sciuto were the artists for Harold and the Dreadful Dreams. They work across seas in Europe, and our interaction was purely via electronic means. But their vision was instrumental in bringing Harold to life! I’m so glad they finally got their signed copy! It took so long I thought it had been lost in international mail.

Short Story page revamped and updated

I’m moving stories to Vocal and will be updating them there in the future. This will make it easier to categorize things.

The Boy Who Cried Snizzerwit

This a very old storypoem I wrote many years ago. It is not especially for children, although it would seem so at first. The word usage is far beyond the comprehension of most kids, and many adults for that matter. So, I’m not sure who it is really for. Maybe people who like poems, or Lovecraftian horror, or fairy tales with a kick, or people who just like to see weird words rhymed together. I suppose I’m all of the above. Enjoy.

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