The Wyrmtongue Chronicles (Fantasy Prologue Challenge)

My short story has been published on Vocal for their $10,000 challenge (there’s a $5000 second place prize too, so it’s not chump change). Even if it doesn’t win, I think it is a pretty solid story. Let me know what you think in the comments here, or in the comments on Vocal, if the site allows you to do so without being a member. Not sure how that works.

Every entry has to begin with the exact same line: “There weren’t always dragons in the Valley.” So you end up with hundreds and hundreds of different stories that go all kinds of directions. The second criteria is to write a story as an introduction to a novel that doesn’t exist yet. Which is harder to do (convincingly) than it sounds.

Short Story page revamped and updated

I’m moving stories to Vocal and will be updating them there in the future. This will make it easier to categorize things.

Harold & the Grumpy Pumpkins Concept Art

Book 2, like Book 1, has lots of interior artwork. Some of it I drew myself, but a lot is also collected from the internet, or Photoshopped together into a new image. Harold & the Grump Pumpkins is a Halloween Nightmare tale, one derived from too much candy consumption and a bit of indigestion. And more. The mythology of the dream world and its inhabitants changes significantly in Book 2, introducing a wide variety of new characters and mechanics.

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